A little about the book’s creation:

I first began telling these stories to help my daughter Gigi fall asleep at night. Initially, they were only spoken, improvisational and totally, out-of-this-world, impossible!  But I think that was one of the things she liked most about them; they gave her (and I) permission to be silly, to imagine the impossible and to make anything we could imagine, possible!

Soon Gigi would ask for these stories any time of the day and eventually, the “Imagine Stories” became a regular part of our life.

When I sat down to write the first one I wanted to be sure my stories engaged all the senses in the storytelling and listening process.  I didn’t care if the stories had illustrations because I wanted the child to see the images in their mind first. I honestly thought that a book would only be an ancillary product.

Some call what I do relaxation or meditation, and some call it creative visualization; I like them all and think each fit for different scenarios.

By encouraging our children to use their imagination, we help to create a world of possibilities and a vision for them. We give them permission to take risks and think for themselves; to set goals and go for them.

The relaxation work integrates imagery with sensorial stimulation and connects to your child’s interrelationship with nature.  The conscious mind that wants another toy, or to stay up late, begins to quiet down, and the unconscious mind is awakened.  The nervous system begins to settle down and this can help in difficult transitions or in challenging moments in the classroom or elsewhere when a child needs to take a break.

With ThirdEyeKids Books and Products I seek to foster children’s imagination, encourage them to trust their intuition and to expand their creativity and intellect.  I want them to be the creators of their own destiny!

BUBBLES is available anywhere books are sold online and in stores August 15, 2017.

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